Lets see how I work

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A few weeks ago I found a pretty cool service called WakaTime. It measures stats about my coding habits, patterns and basically lets me see how much of my day is spent on work and how much on facebook bullshitting. Here are a few widgets showing languages I’ve used over the last week and the time I’ve spend on my projects. Too bad Coda can’t be connected yet. Half of my work time is spent on HTML, CSS and Javascript and that’s what WakaTime is missing right now. Hopefully they will add Coda soon.

Sandhill- The coolest looking watch case and a server

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The box you’re seeing is a small file server based on Raspberry Pi and a box where I keep my watches (I will write a bit more about both sometime soon). I’m not sure what was in that box before but I got it from Goodwill for … idk… something like $3. We’ve sanded up the top, made a few smaller tweaks to it and engraved a Sand Hill so it goes with our Strange Flock theme. If you don’t know what Strange Flock is, then scroll the feed and try finding that word.

Why do I write about it? Well.. it is a meeting point between two of my newest passions. Watches and Raspberry Pi. It took me a while to find a box that will hide all the computer parts I wanted it to have and be a nice and simple display for my tiny collection.

Lets talk about everything but code

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bottlesOver the last few years, my professional life circles around code. Websites, mobile apps, desktop apps.. and so on. For a long time,  I wanted to write about my learning process and all the obstacles I was going through while learning. Frankly, I think I got fed up with it a little bit and writing about code isn’t  fun anymore. What make more sense, is to use this website as an outlet for everything but code. I picked up a few interesting hobby’s over the last few years and I think it is worth sharing. I got into homebrewing, hand watches, Raspberry Pi or wood work. And I have a few interesting projects on the horizon which I think would be worth sharing.

So.. lets keep it simple. Everything but code. At least here. Lets add new categories to my blogging filters and we will see how it goes.

My new venture- Strange Flock

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strangeflockOver the last few years of working together Katie and I were a great team that achieved a lot already. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a place that could express our uniqueness and well… highlight the great work we did together.

The last few months we were thinking about a name that we could go forward with. Something unique, a bit quirky and definitely something that would rise questions. We’ve ended up with Strange Flock and we believe it will represent us well.

I will be still using this url to write about my code experiments, my design adventures or anything else I want. But… if you feel like you want more, then go and check out strangeflock.com. Thats the place where I’m right now.

Two new demos on Github

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The last few weeks I’ve launched a few bigger sites and wrote a bunch of smaller scripts/demos/templates that to some extent helped me with my projects.

The first one is a simple Google Maps demo that I wrote with one of my colleagues. The purpose for it is to display different type of pins depending on type of buildings/places we predefine. It highlights a few ways to create different pins and has a way to show one central pin for the building we wanted to highlight. Somehow we couldn’t do those things with Google’s embedded code.

Second project I’ve added recently is a template I’m planning on using soon. It’s a  PHP/AJAX code that talks to the Property Solution API. I hope I will be using their API pretty often so this project will be a way to organize my code and create a template so I can reproduce the functionality across many sites.

A few screenshots from the time I worked on dot v dot

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A few screenshots from the time I worked on dot v dot

I just found my old iPod I’ve used for Dot v Dot development. There were a few screenshots showing its…

New website for Midnight Circus.

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New website for Midnight Circus.

A few days ago me and Katie finished another super exciting project. This time, we were building a website for our…

CocoaConf 2014

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CocoaConf 2014Last weekend I’ve attended one of the biggest iOS/OSX conferences in Chicago. It was a two day rally filled with amazing talks and lectures. The level of geekiness was pretty high and I was filling …. well… like I’m back in school.

So what did I learn? After all, I’ve attended about 10 different talks and tried to chose a topic that was either the most relevant to my current projects or something that I was really interested in. I cruised between a code-heavy talked about Core Data optimization and an entrepreneurial talk about having your own product and making it successful. I’m not sure if I got a lot out of those code-centered talks. After all… the best way to learn is to try yourself. At least thats my approach.

Secret ‘Stache is on the App Store!

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Secret ‘Stache is on the App Store!

Secret ‘Stache landed on the App Store yesterday and I forgot to post about it!  I guess, I was excited…

Business Cards

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Business Cards

Katie just finished working on my business cards and it looks beautiful. It is simple, it feels personalized and  it…