Fix, upgrade, reuse

I was really close from convincing myself that I need a new 16” MacBook. The current one- 2015, 13” MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM feels really slow while have more than a few apps open. I did some research and instead of purchasing a new laptop, I will try to resurrect the one I have. I got a new motherboard with 16GB and faster processor and a new SSD with 512GB. I found all those parts on eBay and instead of getting a new laptop for $2500 + tax, I got everything I need for less than $700.

Why do I write about it? Because there is a lot of hype about the new MacBooks and it is easy to convince ourselves that we need it. Considering how fast technology changes and how big of a purchase it is, sometimes it is good to consider a more resourceful option.

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