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While I work on the new version of Watch Case, I’m trying to solve issues users of the app reported throughout the last few months and below, you can take a look at two example videos with some of the changes I’m working on.

Since day one, Watch Case synced data between multiple iOS devices and did it without any save or publish buttons. Whatever you typed, got pushed to the cloud and re-distributed to all you iOS devices. I thought that is the best way to handle sync…. However, some of the users reported that they weren’t entirely sure if the changes they’ve made were saved and some sort of a feedback would be nice. Here you go. Now, each time changes are saved, a green spinner shows up and notifies the user that changes are being saved.

Spinner feedback for when the data is saved.

Another issue reported by users was a bit more fundamental and dealt with how easy it is to find a watch in your collection. The current version of the app doesn’t really solve that issue at all. Users can’t sort watches, re-order them or search by their brands or models. The version I’m working on can do all of that and more. On top of normal sorting and re-ordering, you will be able to mark watches as ‘favorites’ and have them handy for viewing or editing.

Sorting and searching for a watch.

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