I got hacked?

Yesterday I got a friendly email from Ardisj letting me know that he took a video of me while I was watching porn. He was very grateful to let me know that if I pay the maintenance fee, I will be able to keep my dignity and all of you will be spared from seeing my ugly face (and more) on a video he will have to send out to you. Btw… Im not sure if he did/didn’t so if you got anything, I apologize.

So why am I writing about this? Simply because it is important to keep your passwords secure. I use 1Password and try not to re-use the same simple password/login combination that is in my head. I let 1Password to do that work for me. I don’t have a perfect system yet and once I looked around in 1Pass, I realized I have some work to do.

We all have a bit more time on hand right now. I think my weekend plan will be to work on making my digital life more secure.

Thanks for the consultation Ardisj! Sorry, you had to watch me in a very uncomfortable situation.

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