Any #Apple #Catalyst experts around here? I’m working on a Mac version of Watch Case. I have a modal view with a bunch of UITextFields and I want to use Enter and Tab keys to progress through the fields. Each field has a tag so I should be in control of the next field that is in focus. Each UITextField is a subview or UIView that is also a subview or another UIView….

It does work when I press Enter key… but doesn’t when I use Tab. When tabbing, the cursor jumps between views and it looks like it goes down the list of UITextFields without respecting the UIView or the UIController it should be in.

Take a look at the Video and it should be clear of what is going on.

Update: I figured it out. The easiest way is to disable isUserInteractionEnabled on all textFields that aren’t needed at the moment. For me it will be more/less 20 nested textFields.

I’m still a bit puzzled why it works the way it works, but don’t really want to spend the whole day on it. I will disable some of the text fields when showing the modal view, and enable them back, once modal hides.

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