Author: Michal

My take on the history of horology

There are brands in the watch market that need no introduction. Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe are one of the biggest, oldest and the most recognizable watch brands from Switzerland. In fact, if we were asked about the country of origin for mechanical timepieces, the answer would be Switzerland. Why is it that this tiny country in the middle of Europe produces more luxurious watches than any other economy around the globe? What made Swiss watches so unique that they can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet… the biggest economy on the globe- U.S., doesn’t produce watch movements at a bigger scale anymore? Was it always the case that Swiss watches were considered so luxurious and ahead of the competition? Well.. not really and lets unpack the story a little bit.

UI details

While I work on the new version of Watch Case, I’m trying to solve issues users of the app reported throughout the last few months and below, you can take a look at two example videos with some of the changes I’m working on. Since day one, Watch Case synced data between multiple iOS devices […]

Watch Case

A bit more than a year ago I released first version of Watch Case- my iOS app for managing a collection of mechanical watches. I was working on updates from time to time but it didn’t semem right to release it. Now that we are all in a lockdown, I took the last two weeks […]


The week isn’t over yet but I feel like I’m already drained out. I wrote more code than during an average week, yet I feel like my work had no direction and I wasn’t able to assign priorities. Need to remind myself how to work smart instead of more.

Im hitting a productivity wall with React Native today. Can’t focus on Vorto so I might have to switch gears and work on something else… I might post some screenshots depending on how much progress will be made.

I decided to take a day off today. Having some free time got me thinking about the time when Vorto was just an idea in my head and not much more. I’ve met a few kick-ass people along the way which on many levels I’m very grateful for. I worked with @manton who built solid […]

Today is the day. Some of you know I was working on an app for the last few years. It is finally out and you can give it a try. Go to and let me know what you think.  Also, most of you don’t study foreign languages but maybe you know someone who does. I would […]