Over the last week or so I had a small group of brave friends who downloaded Watch Case and were kind enough to send me feedback. Thank you!

Now, a week later I think the app is ready for the next step and you can find it here.

I keep track of all of the changes I made since the app is available on Test Flight and you can find it here or read about the upcoming release on https://watchcase.app.

Below are two photos of Watch Case- how it started and how is it going….

A few of my friends are already using Watch Case and were kind enough to send me feedback. Among lots of smaller issues, there are two bigger ones that will need a bit of work. That’s good. That is exactly what betas are for.

Over the last few years, I didn’t really have a clear division for the content I would like to feature over here and on the watchcase.app website.

Since the app is almost ready and there is a lot I would like to share, I keep catching myself wanting to write programming blog posts on the Watch Case landing page and blog about watches over here. And as much as I don’t mind where do you find my words, I think it is confusing to have it so unorganized and all over the place.

From now on, I will still blog about the Watch Case app in here but my posts will focus on the technicalities and the code rather than the product for watch collectors the app actually is. Watch Case website will feature the app and my horological findings.

Watch Case has a new set of icons for you to chose from. I really didn’t want to end up with a generic blue icon that most of the new products offer.

Where is Watch Case?

Happy New Year everyone! I’m glad 2020 is finally over. Now, lets work towards better 2021! Over the last few weeks my main focus was to bring Watch Case to the App Store. So why it is not there yet you might ask. Good question… It’s because I’ve realized there is a bit more work… Continue reading Where is Watch Case?

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Dark and light theme

Today I was finalizing color palette for the upcoming release of Watch Case. Im especially happy with the dark colors. Light theme might need some tweaking, but I like the direction…

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I bought a watch I was hunting for for months. It’s Seiko snzh53 and I found it used on eBay. once it arrived, I’ve noticed that the day/date setting didn’t work. I contacted the seller and he agreed to give me a partial refund so I could fix it. And I did 😉

I’m nowhere to the quality and knowledge of a professional, but having some spare parts I decided to open it up and find the problem.

The first photo shows that one of the white parts has one of its teeth chipped off so the date wheel didn’t spin. I replaced it and it all works now.

Man…. I love mechanical watches..