Bookmarking, sorting and search are one of those features I started working on very early. It might seem like a trivial feature and might not be used that often if you collection is small. However, I know for a fact that some of the Watch Case users do own almost 100 watches so having a quick way to find their pieces is crucial.

I was planning on releasing both- iOS and macOS versions of Watch Case at the same time. Both were in review yesterday and the iOS app was approved without problems.

However, I’ve misunderstood some of the entitlements information and need to submit the app again. It shouldn’t take long, so lets hope the macOS version will be on the App Store today 😀

I’m planning on releasing Watch Case over the next few days. Now, that the app is in an OK shape and I’m not ashamed of it, it is time to close Xcode and generate a few marketing assets. My goal over the next few days will be to create a few graphics describing what Watch Case actually does and who is it for.

This is just my first attempt..