Watch Case 2019.5 has been approved yesterday and the new version is on the App Store now. I’m particularly proud with how the app works on iPads so please give it a try on a bigger screen and with a keyboard.

I think the new design looks pretty decent 🙂 It is hard to design an app that is mainly a fancy input form but I was trying to introduce hierarchy and clean up the interface so it is more consistent and easier to use.

This new version of Watch Case will introduce lots of new features, will work on iPads and well… I’m making it 100% free. Wether you collect watches or don’t really care about it but want to install something new on your phone, I will appreciate your feedback! Test Flight

I’ve spent most of the weekend working on an iPad version of Watch Case. The tricky part wasn’t the UI but the syncing of data between multiple devices. Hopefully I didn’t introduce too many glitches….