Watch Case on a Mac

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to run Watch Case as a Catalyst app on my Mac. I’ve hit a few bumps and well… it requires some work, but at least it compiles and runs relatively well.

I removed Vorto from the App Store for now. It will be coming back very soon and it will be integrated with everything I was working on over the last year or so. The reason for it to be down and no longer in the App Store are significant server changer we are making and there isn’t really a simple way for the old code to be ported over.


Taking photos of my coffee mug so I can look at it in my browser 🙂 Testing, testing, testing….

I’ve spent some time trying to add useful Timegrapher functionality to my Watch Case app. In short, my goal was to make Services more useful. It turned out a bit more involved and I will be taking another approach.

For the last two years, I was using Micro.Blog Feed Importer plugin (I’ve made) to pull my posts into my WordPress site. Today, I’m reverting the flow. I will be posting on my WordPress site and cross-posting to Micro.Blog. Let’s see how it goes…

Busy busy busy

Summer isn’t the best time to write code. You know… nice weather, long days, friends asking you to do stuff…. However, with a help of a few friends, I’m really close to wrapping up the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. I’m super excited and I will be sharing more really soon…