Feed Importer for Micro.blog

Feed Importer for Micro.blog is a free WordPress plugin that pulls the RSS feed of your Micro.blog account and creates WordPress posts.

This plugin is a solition to my own need. The website you’re reading now is WordPress based and I wanted to find a way to incorporate Micro.blog within it’s feed. There are a few great plugins that would do the same work. In fact, the code of my feed importer is based on an opensourced repo that’s available on Github.

Feed Importer for Micro.blog works by creating CRON job and checking assigned feed every few minutes. It is capable of handling multiple Micro.blog accounts with Feeds and assigning posts to tags and categories.

Since this projects was an answer for my own need and I wasn’t sure if I will be releasing it on the WordPress.org, there are several sharp corners and limitations I will be working on over the next few weeks.