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Hi, I’m Michał- a software developer from Poland. I make websites and mobile apps.



I’m an independent app designer and programmer making iOS software since 2014.


I specialize with websites based on WordPress, React JS, ASP.NET or static HTML.


I consult on on a full-stack development for websites and iOS apps.

About me

My name is Michal...
My name is Michal…

and I’m a full stack developer specializing in mobile apps and websites. I’m from Poland and currently I live in Barcelona. I’m an amateur Cross Fitter and a watch collector.
You can find out about me by reading my blog or browsing through my portfolio. If you have a question or a project to collaborate on, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Recent projects


Vorto is a language learning tool for people wanting to improve their vocabulary. It is like Google Translate on steroids where the vocabulary you translate are building blocks of your library.

Watch Case

Watch Case is an iOS and macOS app for managing collections of watches. The datas is stored securely in the cloud and synced between all devices the user has.

A new version is coming to the App Store soon.

My blog