Micro Blog Feed Importer is a WordPress plugin I developed and maintain. The idea for the plugin started when Manton Reece launched his Micro.blog platform and didn’t have full support for custom pages. I could see myself blogging more and enjoying the community aspect of Micro.blog but didn’t want to give up my WordPress site just yet. MBFI is a simple solution where my Micro.blog activity is fed directly into a WordPress site, yet the experiences are separate. It offers more flexibility with the direction I wanted to go with the site, keeping my Micro.blog┬ádetached.

The plugin is open sourced and available on my Github page. Since my time and availability for this project is limited, I welcome anyone who feels like contributing. I need help with code maintenance, finding and reporting bugs, documenting new features or writing a better description of all the functionality that the plugin provides.

I recently submitted version 1.0.1 to the WordPress Plugin repository so the package should be available from the Dashboard of your WordPress. I like adding features and working on the plugin based on the feedback I get from people who use it.