My Portfolio

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Micro Blog Feed Importer

TL;DR Micro Blog Feed Importer for WordPress is a simple plugin written in PHP. The code is open source on my GitHub repo where I develop and maintain the project. You can read about this project here and find it on the WordPress Plugins Directory here.

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TL;DR Vorto is the most complex, the longest and definitely the one I’m the proudest of. It started as a part of my Masters Thesis and morphed several times into various products. Parts of the app are already on the App Store.  We are working hard to ship more pieces of the puzzle sometime before the end of the summer.

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No Zero Days

TL;DR I’m writing an app to help me with my fitness goals. I know- it’s ass backwards. Typically, you don’t sit for hours and write code in order to burn calories. I agree with that. BUT… I also know that I struggle with consistency and sometimes I need a nudge in order to go for a run or to the gym. The purpose of this app will be to give ideas for short but high-intensity workouts users can do at home,  while traveling or at a park. I want it to be useful during the times when you’re sick and tired of your usual routine and want to try something new. You can track my progress here.