My Work


Vorto is the most complex, longest-running project I have ever worked on. It started as a part of my Master Thesis and morphed several times into various forms. Parts of the app are already on the iOS App Store. We are working hard to ship more pieces of the puzzle sometime before the end of the summer including a desktop app and a more robust mobile experience.

No Zero Days
I’m writing an app to help me with my fitness. I know, it’s bass ackwards. Typically, you don’t sit for hours and write code in order to burn calories. BUT… I also recognize that I struggle with consistency and sometimes I need a nudge to exercise. The purpose of this app is to offer ideas for short, high-intensity workouts users can do at home, outdoors or on the road. It is especially useful during the times when you’re sick and tired of your usual routine and want to try something new.
Micro Blog Feed Importer

Micro Blog Feed Importer for WordPress is a simple plugin written in PHP. The code is open source on my GitHub repo where I develop and maintain the project. Micro Blog has a small but avid user base, and it has been fun to evolve this plugin as the platform and its users grow.

News Real
This app has the most character out of all of the projects I have worked on lately. The name, graphics, user interface, and usage are a modern take on old-timey spy imagery. There is a notion in the iOS world to look native and keep the UI as close to the iOS interface as possible. This app goes against that grain while still making good use of new native features such as split screens and inter-app communication.
Core Competencies
Put simply, I write code. I started my contracting journey more than 10 years ago and since then I worked on projects for companies ranging from small and family-owned to non-profits and Fortune 500 businesses. I like the challenges and creative problem-solving that comes with new projects. My programming journey started many years ago with C++. But now I am strong in Swift for iOS apps and Javascript and PHP for the websites I build.