News Real


News Real is an iOS app helping you to check whether or not the website you’re browsing is listed as fake news.

A growing number of websites are being designed to intentionally mislead users for advertising revenue. The more shocking headlines get more traffic and more traffic means the website owner makes more money from ads – all while the public is being misinformed.

We used a professionally curated list of website tagged as spam, hate, bias, fake, conspiracy, satire or click bait to inform you about them. You DECIDE whether you want to continue reading them, share them on  Facebook or leave those websites without looking at their content or clicking on their ads.

News Real’s database is curated by a research team at OpenSources which maintains a list of these websites. Once enabled on your phone, News Real will check the URL of the website you’re currently browsing to see if it matches a website in their list and notifies you.

News Real is free to use and does not require a user account to sign up. If you would like to support our efforts, please click on an in-app donate button or go to our landing page. Your contribution will help us make this app even better.