No Zero Days, or NZD, relates to the fitness goals I set for myself for this year. Starting is always the hardest part of my workout. I have a tendency to skip a few days in a row and when my workout streak breaks, it is hard to start again.

I was never a ‘gym guy’. I played football for most of my childhood but, thanks to a recurring ankle injury, I don’t play anymore. Most days I go for a run, but that can be hard on your body when you do it every day. I can maintain my streak for a week… but after some time I need a break.

No Zero Days is intended to be an aid during the times when you don’t feel like going for a run but don’t want to have a zero day and break the streak. It contains various high-intensity exercises grouped into sets such as ladders, pyramid, HIIT, sprints and deck of cards.

From a programming perspective, this app is particularly interesting because I am working with watch OS as well as iOS so that the experience is as portable and usable as possible. I am also working with a database to make it easy to update and remix workouts without causing a full app update.

This app is a personal project, so with it I share my personal fitness journey. You can follow along and eventually hear about the app release on the No Zero Days instagram feed.