Since Micro.blog launched and I got my invitation to its beta release, I was wondering how to streamline my online presence into something more manageable without committing too much to one platform.

In a perfect world, I would like to use the power of Micro.blog, its social aspects and combine it with my WordPress powered site. After a day of work, I’ve created a plugin that would combine my Micro.blog RSS feed with WordPress.

The plugin is based on an RSS Post Importer I found on Github. I didn’t want to just copy the code and modify the name. RSS Feed Importer is a free tool with paid services. I removed most of the paid features and limited my code to work only with Micro.blog. That way if someone wants to use a more generic RSS importer or will be missing features they provide, RSS Post Importer is still the way to go. My intention was to provide a tool optimized for Micro.blog with features specific to that platform.

The code for this plugin will be available on a GitHub repo and you can, of course, install it as a packaged Plugin from WordPress.org. There is still a lot of work I would like to do with this project so any help would be appreciated.