What I do

Web Development

I’m a web developer with more than 10 years of experience. I specialize in building medium sized websites for a variety of platforms. My most recent projects include WordPress, Drupal or Shopify’s content management systems for companies ranging from small family businesses to a multi-million Dollar companies operating in Europe and the US. I pride myself on being very flexible and adaptable to the needs of my clients and due to my collaboration with Strange Flock, I’m able to provide a well-rounded solution starting from a concept to the release of a website.

iOS- Mobile Development

My experience with iOS development started during my Master’s program where I had to deliver an iOS app as a part of my thesis. Since then (I graduated in 2012) I launched several smaller apps on the App Store and moved from Objective-C to Swift as my primary language.  I used several server-side solutions like Parse or Realm to manage the data. My most recent app available on the app Store is called News Real and its Parse backend is hosted on Linode.