Where’s the ketchup at?

Before you start reading this post, please take a few minutes to listen to the Reply All’s episode I’ve embedded. Its about diversity and it stuck with me as a reminder of why I travel and why being in a new, challenging situations is so beneficial.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like listening to the full episode, start at 24:17 and stop whenever you get the point.

The ketchup story speaks to me in a very clear and positive way and it is a reminder why I put myself through all the changes and turn my life upside down every few years.

A week ago me and my wife Katie arrived to Spain. We moved from Chicago where we’ve spent the last four years and were very happy. We had lots of great friends and coworkers, loved the neighborhoods we lived in and felt like we’re in the middle of something huge. Chicago was amazing and we are lucky the city was a part of our lives. The move the Spain wasn’t easy. We’re in Tarragona surrounded by a new culture, language, cuisine, and everything else you might consider a part of your everyday life. And on top of that we don’t really speak Spanish. We’re both fucked. Two outsiders trying to fit in.

One of my coworkers once told me that she can’t imagine being so far from her family and I can understand that. Living in a new place without your closest people isn’t easy. Also, some people are fine keeping ketchup in one place all their lives or can learn from the immediate surroundings. I respect that too. No need to travel to a different time zone and start from scratch.

The move might seem crazy for most but well… listen to the Reply All episode once again and maybe it won’t be that crazy after all?! What we’re trying to do in Spain is to find our where locals keep their ketchup at and what to replace it with when we run out. It can only make us better…

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