YT Podcaster

I’ve been looking for a tool that would convert a youtube videos to an mp3 file so I could listen to the audio version on my podcast player. I didn’t find one… so I made it.

There are lots of websites that are converting videos into audio. They all seem to work relatively similar. All of they ask for an URL and then spit out an mp3 file so you can play it anywayere. Well.. what I was looking for is something that would take the URL of a Youtube video and serve it to my podcast player. Most of the youtube channels I’m subscribed to are suitable to be listened to don’t have to be watched. Most of them are interviews or monologs where not much is going on so an audio format is enough.

The tool I made is a server side API and it requires a little bit of a backend knowledge in order to install and configure the code. I don’t think it is a valuable solution for a non-technical users but with some work, it could turn into a fully featured podcasting service.

While I was working on it, I was wondering what are the implications of creating a code that converts Youtube videos and serves them through a podcast feed. After all, converted audio doesn’t include adds and takes users away from the Youtube experience. I think it is fine for now since this code is so limited that it won’t reach a mass market. Besides, anyone who decides to use it, will have to use their own server to store files.

Anyway… here is the link if anyone decides to install it, take a look at the code or contribute.