If everything goes well, I might be able to work on Watch Case next week. Looking forward to it and I’m really hoping to have a long awaited app update ready this summer.

Watch Case update

I got a feature request which I wasn’t really considering for this upcoming release butt… well… agree with and might actually do it. However, in order to stay within my committed timeframe and do not extend the scope of this release, I will remove some of the features I was working on for this release and work on them in the future.

The feature that will have to wait is collection metrics. I was hoping to build a panel with a quick overview of the worth of a collection, number of watches from each brand, stats on how the collection grew, etc. Instead, I will make input labels editable on each individual piece and add a few additional fields that will be visible only if enabled.

It is a less ‘sexy’ feature from my perspective, but I know for a fact that it might be greatly appreciated by collectors. After all, watches are so different and the information we store should reflect that too.


One unfortunate effect of lowering Watch Case price are bad reviews. I didn’t think of that. I’m replying to people and asking them to keep the app on their phones until the next version hits the store. I hope the update I’m working on will be ready early next week.

Seiko 5

I wanted to write about this particular watch for a long time and didn’t really know how to start. I wear it every day and pretty much during all normal activities throughout the day. It’s not the most beautiful, special or expensive watch in my modest collection… but I feel it is truly mine.

Below are a few photos I took.


Any #Apple #Catalyst experts around here? I’m working on a Mac version of Watch Case. I have a modal view with a bunch of UITextFields and I want to use Enter and Tab keys to progress through the fields. Each field has a tag so I should be in control of the next field that is in focus. Each UITextField is a subview or UIView that is also a subview or another UIView….

It does work when I press Enter key… but doesn’t when I use Tab. When tabbing, the cursor jumps between views and it looks like it goes down the list of UITextFields without respecting the UIView or the UIController it should be in.

Take a look at the Video and it should be clear of what is going on.

Update: I figured it out. The easiest way is to disable isUserInteractionEnabled on all textFields that aren’t needed at the moment. For me it will be more/less 20 nested textFields.

I’m still a bit puzzled why it works the way it works, but don’t really want to spend the whole day on it. I will disable some of the text fields when showing the modal view, and enable them back, once modal hides.

I got hacked?

Yesterday I got a friendly email from Ardisj letting me know that he took a video of me while I was watching porn. He was very grateful to let me know that if I pay the maintenance fee, I will be able to keep my dignity and all of you will be spared from seeing my ugly face (and more) on a video he will have to send out to you. Btw… Im not sure if he did/didn’t so if you got anything, I apologize.

So why am I writing about this? Simply because it is important to keep your passwords secure. I use 1Password and try not to re-use the same simple password/login combination that is in my head. I let 1Password to do that work for me. I don’t have a perfect system yet and once I looked around in 1Pass, I realized I have some work to do.

We all have a bit more time on hand right now. I think my weekend plan will be to work on making my digital life more secure.

Thanks for the consultation Ardisj! Sorry, you had to watch me in a very uncomfortable situation.

Cloud Kit

The whole backend of Watch Case is based on Cloud Kit. Thanks to using Apple’s framework, there is no need to support any login/registration systems. However, it is kind of scary when you try to deploy new Schema to production and you get error messages like the ones below….

Oh Cloud Kit…