Hi, I’m Michał

I’m an mobile and web developer living in Barcelona, Spain. I’m also an amateur collector of mechanical watches so you will find some horological content in here.

Currently, I’m working on an iOS/macOS application for watch collectors called Watch Case. You can read about it throughout this blog.

I’m also a freelance web/mobile developer with more than 10 years of experience working with WordPress and iOS. Feel free to reach out about a potential project, your collection of mechanical watches or if you just want to say hi.

Current focus

Watch Case

Watch case is an iOS/macOS app for managing collections of mechanical watches. It allows the user to enter all sorts of interesting data about their watches such as measurements, photos, servicing information and more. It works on all Apple platforms which makes the experience smooth and fun.

Weszło.fm Chrome Extension

Weszło.fm is my favorite online radio for sport news and podcasts. For quite some time now, I wanted to make a Chrome Extension so the radio can be streamed through the browser and without having a dedicated tab open.

WordPress Themes

I build WordPress themes for individual clients wanting to improve their online presence or in a collaboration with design houses and their design teams.


Vorto is a language learning app for those who read news in foreign languages. It allows you to highlight phrases you’re unfamiliar with and add it to your library for later study. It works as a web app build on React.

Micro Blog Feed Importer

MBFI is a small WordPress plugin that allows the user to include their Micro.Blog timeline on their WordPress sites. You can find it on the WordPress.org plugins repository.

Recent and past iOS projects

Watch Case
News Real
No Zero Days
  • Biking
    Every now and then I take the bike and don’t really feel like tracking my progress, counting miles or thinking about the route. I just go.
  • A small side project
    Over the last few days, I made a Chrome plugin to listen to my favorite sports radio. I wanted something like that for a long time and since I was already in the Chrome Extensions development world, it seemed like a perfect occasion to make and publish this extension. My new Chrome Extension plays Weszlo.fm. There isn’t really much more to talk about. One main button to play/pause audio stream. Once installed, your browser will be ready to play the radio no matter the tab or window you’re in. Oh.. and as a bonus, I’m parsing 10 most recent posts… Continue reading A small side project
  • Untitled
    I’m working on a React.js codebase I didn’t touch for at least 10 months now. Im glad it compiles but man…. some of this stuff is confusing… I think it is good to take a break from site projects. Sometimes we lose perspective of what is it we wanted to accomplish and work on completely unnecessary features and improvements.
  • Bookmarking, sorting and search
    Bookmarking, sorting and search are one of those features I started working on very early. It might seem like a trivial feature and might not be used that often if you collection is small. However, I know for a fact that some of the Watch Case users do own almost 100 watches so having a quick way to find their pieces is crucial.
  • An important milestone
    Today marks a milestone in my professional career. My first Mac app is on the App Store.
  • macOS app sandboxing
    I was planning on releasing both- iOS and macOS versions of Watch Case at the same time. Both were in review yesterday and the iOS app was approved without problems. However, I’ve misunderstood some of the entitlements information and need to submit the app again. It shouldn’t take long, so lets hope the macOS version will be on the App Store today 😀
  • Watch Case is back!
    Watch Case is back on the App Store and you can find it here. It took two years of tweaking, late night tinkering and hard work to get to this point. Watch case for iOS is back on the App Store with the Mac version following soon. With one purchase you will get all available versions. macOS version is waiting in review. It will follow the iOS version as soon as it is approved.
  • App Store previews
    I’m working on App Store previews for Watch Case. What do you think?
  • About to ship
    I’m planning on releasing Watch Case over the next few days. Now, that the app is in an OK shape and I’m not ashamed of it, it is time to close Xcode and generate a few marketing assets. My goal over the next few days will be to create a few graphics describing what Watch Case actually does and who is it for. This is just my first attempt..
  • Watch Case Templates
    This feature was inspired by one of my users who owns more than 60 Hamilton watches and uses Watch Case to manage his collection for quite some time now. While in my opinion, every watch is unique, sometimes it might be easier and faster if you could re-use the fields structure and some of the information while adding new pieces to your collection. Attached screenshots should give you an idea how this feature works. It starts with having at least one watch in Watch Case. You can modify pretty much all visible fields that I pre-defined for you. You can… Continue reading Watch Case Templates

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